Orbweb.me New Version Preview in Hong Kong “Desktopify” Your Mobile Device

PALO ALTO, California, June 22, 2015 – Desktopify your mobile device. Orbweb today on June 22 in Hong Kong released for the first time the latest version of Orbweb.me to introduce a streamlined function oriented user experience. By launching in Hong Kong, Orbweb seeks to bring awareness of its cloud service offerings to users in the Asia region.

Anywhere, anytime! Orbweb.me enables the reuse of a computer’s resources. You can easily use the mobile APP or browser to connect to variety of personal computers or NAS, and use the variety of features only a PC can offer. Orbweb.me creates new possibilities for your digital life.

New user experience for new orbweb.me

Orbweb.me understands to bring power and flexibility to the user. So we improve our user experience, and afford support more mainstream video and audio formats. The upgrade includes:

• Completely New UI/UX with Service-Oriented Design

• Sign-in with Facebook or Google Account Supported

• Photos & Video Thumbnail and Gridview

• More than 95% of Video Formats Supported

• Webcam Motion Detection with Recording Timeline Design

• Windows 10 Supported

What’s users’ favorite of Orbweb.me?

Imagine viewing thousands of photos in your PC at home, anywhere by Orbweb.me! Orbweb.me provides file access function, which connect your mobile devices and your PC in just a few seconds, the user can easily view their favorite photos or upload video to their computer!

• File Explorer, view documents and videos anytime

• Remote desktop, use your Office

• Remote webcam, turn on motion detection and watch your baby and pet

• Wake on Wan, turn on/ off your PC anywhere

Global strategic alliance
Strategy officer and co-founder Tom Sun said, “Orbweb name from Orb-weaver spider, the ultimate goal is to connect all a user’s devices like a spider web.” To promote this concept, Orbweb partnered with motherboard manufacturer ASRock (TWSE 3515)in 2014; Partnered with Thecus, a leading global provider of network attached storage (NAS) and maker of the world’s first Windows NAS in 2015, to introduce a new NAS cloud experience.

Enjoy Orbweb.me

(1) Orbweb.me free APP is now on Google Play and App Store – search Orbweb.me to download. (2) To download PC application, please visit http: //orbweb.me/download/. Language support for English, Spanish, South Korea, Italian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, German, Japanese, French.

About Orbweb Inc.
Orbweb Inc. is a “Personal Cloud Enablement” company based in Palo Alto, California, with local presence in Taipei, partnering with consumer electronics, PC & notebook companies worldwide.

About Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Orbweb CEO and founder James Wei has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications and software industries in both management and sales roles. He was formerly at Swedish Fingerprints Cards as president of Asia-Pacific region, at Norwegian browser Opera as CEO of Asia-Pacific operations, the global mobile phone software maker Teleca as chairman, Openwave as general manager.

About Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer
Orbweb chief strategy officer and co-founder Tom Sun, has been in the Information Technology industry for more than 20 years with experience in strategic planning, operations and consulting. He was formerly at global database software company Oracle (Oracle) as a Technical Director, China CITIC Group (CITIC) CITIC 21st Century as a Technology officer.