Orbweb Expands its Wake Over Wi-Fi Coverage with Atheros NIC

Palo Alto, CA, March 7, 2016 – Continuing its collaboration with more NIC vendors to expand coverage of the Remote Wake technology, Orbweb recently announced a partnership with Atheros to develop the Remote Wake feature, Wake On WAN through Wi-Fi. Orbweb now supports new Atheros NIC models which include the AR8171, Killer Echo 2200 Series, QCA9377, and QCA9565C.

With Remote Wake (Wake On WAN) being the most innovative connective technology from Webcam Monitoring and Remote Desktop. Now, users can even wake their sleeping PC using Remote Wake through the ethernet or a Wi-Fi connection, due to the achievement of Remote Wake’s Wake Over Wi-Fi technology.

Basically Remote Wake works by utilizing Orbweb’s cloud service. When the PC is put to sleep, it will continue to send a signal every few seconds to Orbweb’s cloud service, letting the server know it is sleeping and is ready to wake up at any time. When the user wants to wake up the PC, they send a signal from their mobile device to Orbweb’s cloud service and the cloud service sends a wake up signal to the PC. Orbweb states that, in the future, more NICs are expected to support Remote Wake.

About Wake Over Wi-Fi

Orbweb has worked very closely with global NIC manufacturers to develop this Wake Over Wi-Fi technology. This close relationship has allowed Orbweb to enable this technology to many NIC models. This will help make this feature a common standard in the industry. How does Wake Over Wi-Fi work? When your PC is put into “sleep” mode, it will continue to send a periodic signal to our backend service. This informs the backend server that your PC is “sleeping” and is ready to wake up at any time. When you want to wake up your PC, your mobile device will send a “wake up” signal to our backend server, and our server will send a message to your PC to wake up. Simple! Just like that.

About Atheros

Qualcomm Atheros, Inc., a leader in innovative technologies for wireless and wired local area connectivity in the computing, networking and consumer electronics industries, develops semiconductor system solutions for communication products. The company’s products include solutions for wireless local area network (WLAN), mobile WLAN, Ethernet, Bluetooth, global positioning system (GPS), powerline communications, passive optical networking, and broadband multiplexing. Its wireless systems solutions target applications in the digital home, small and medium businesses, enterprise networking markets, computing, and mobile and home consumer electronics markets.

About Orbweb Inc.

Orbweb Inc. is an “IoT platform & Cloud Enablement” company based in Palo Alto, California, with local offices in Asia. Orbweb has partnered with consumer electronics, PC & Notebook, IoT device makers, and other traditional non-tech companies worldwide.

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