Hunt Electronics Announces Partnership with Orbweb to offer P2P connectivity to its Surveillance Products

PALO ALTO, California, February 20, 2017 – Hunt Electronic Co., Ltd, one of the leading surveillance solution system manufacturers in the world, today announced a partnership with Orbweb Inc. that all its surveillance products will now be equipped with Orbweb M2M connectivity technology – allowing users to access their surveillance system with ease at anytime and from anywhere.

Orbweb’s M2M Connectivity Suite provides a complete solution to guaranteed connectivity between the device and the mobile clients. With Orbweb M2M not only making Hunt Electronic’s products extremely easy to setup, all the security measures are also taken care of.

“With Orbweb M2M’s proven high penetration rate and the global service coverage we are highly confident to grow our business worldwide.” said Michael Lee, CEO of Hunt Electronic. As the result, Hunt can focus on the development of its surveillance products rather than spending time and resource to optimize the connectivity. Orbweb’s M2M Connectivity Suite is based on Orbweb’s state-of-the-art peer-to-peer connectivity technology which provides:

• M2M Connectivity:  Orbweb M2M has 99% penetration rate and can fully utilize the available bandwidth.

• Push Notification: Users will be notified of all events; with push notification users will be alerted when any pre-set event have occurred.

• Device Management: Orbweb also incorporates user authentication into Hunt’s IP cameras, ensuring that only authorized users are allowed access to the cameras.

• Security Measures: AES-128 and SHA-256 end-to-end data encryption with encryption keys generated dynamically for every connection.

“No matter where the users or the devices are located, Orbweb M2M will ensure a connection is always established,” said James Wei, EVP of Orbweb Inc. In addition, Orbweb M2M service is highly scalable with 15 server nodes operate worldwide and providing seamless connectivity, strong security and global reach for Hunt’s full product line.

About Hunt Electronic

Hunt Electronic Co., Ltd. is one of the leading surveillance solution system manufacturers in the world. Established in 1988, it began its business with a solid foundation of CCTV industry, and now providing IP surveillance solution along for the rapid and extensive use of Internet technology.

About Orbweb Inc.

Orbweb Inc. is an “IoT platform & Cloud Enablement” company based in Palo Alto, California, with local offices in Asia. Orbweb has partnered with consumer electronics, PC & Notebook, IoT devices makers, and other traditional non-tech companies worldwide.