Captivating Cloud Experience: ASUS Users Can Now Use ZenAnywhere Powered By Orbweb

Palo Alto, CA, January 25, 2017 – ASUS and Orbweb Inc. are excited to announce that the new ZenAnywhere personal cloud application is now bundled on ASUS notebooks, desktops and All-in-One PCs. All users will be offered a 6-month Professional version free trial which includes “Remote Wake” feature without advertisements. With yearly sales of over 20 million PCs, ASUS and Orbweb are optimistic that the use of the ZenAnywhere service will reach into the millions.

ZenAnywhere is ASUS’ personal cloud application installed on all its PCs, powered by Orbweb’s software. By focusing on this industry-first “Remote Wake” feature, users are able to wake up a computer or put it to sleep (or shutdown), which is the coolest aspect of this new app. When turning on the computer, users can enjoy all the exciting features of their PC, including accessing data and other resources on the PC. The primary features provided by ZenAnywhere are:

• File Xplorer, Work Efficiently: By granting the freedom to remotely access files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, photos, music, videos) on your PC, users can retrieve and upload files to continue to work efficiently. While using this feature, users expand their mobile device storage space, and turn their ASUS PC into a personal storage hub.

• Webcam Access, Live Viewing: Users will be able to remotely monitor their work/home environment through their mobile device. Live video feeds will be streamed to the palm of their hand. Notifications will be sent when motion is detected.

• Remote Wake, Save Energy: Now users will be able to wake up their PC through a Wi-Fi connection. Sleeping laptops no longer need to be tethered via an Ethernet cable. Users can wake up their laptop, which can be located anywhere in the home/office, without the shackles of cables.

ASUS’s Chief Operating Officer & Corporate Vice President S.Y. Shian states: “We believed that ZenAnywhere is not merely an App, but a ‘smart agent’ that transforms ASUS PC into an ‘intelligent computer’. ZenAnywhere complements the PC and increases the level of flexibility users have towards an ASUS PC, thus letting users enjoy accessing documents, manage files, stream media, and all the amazing features of their ASUS PC anywhere, anytime – ZenAnywhere elevates the user experience of ASUS PC.”

Orbweb’s CEO James Wei states: “We are glad to play a role in creating more value out of your PC. ZenAnywhere basically expands the utility of your PC by giving it more functionality, and transforms the PC’s role. There is no need to upload your file onto a third party cloud anymore. ZenAnywhere allows you to view files, upload pictures, and monitor your webcam remotely, while treating your PC as a storage hub. Your mobile storage will expand by a hundred times by using this simple, intuitive app.”

ZenAnywhere users can enjoy the vast functionalities of File Xplorer, Webcam Monitoring, and the world’s first Remote Wake. After the 6-month Professional free trial, users can subscribe to the Professional version to continue to use the Remote Wake service and eliminate advertisements.  All these incredible features are powered by Orbweb’s M2M technology. This delivers guaranteed connections and lightning fast transfer rates.

How to subscribe

Professional Version: File Xplorer, Webcam monitoring, Wake Over Wi-Fi, priority connections without advertisements. Monthly purchase for $2.99 USD; Annual purchase for $29.99 USD.

Standard Version: File Xplorer, Webcam monitoring, no priority connections and includes advertisements. Subscribe for free.

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